Thursday, March 19, 2009

Homemade Bible Tracts


Have any of you ever been out at the store, restaurant, or had a visitor come to your home...and the topic of faith came up and you wish you had a Bible tract to share after you witnessed to them? Well, that has happened to me.

When I was first saved, my brother really got me fired up in the area of apologetics ~ defense of our Christian faith. He suggested I memorize 1 Peter 3:15 which commands believers to always have an answer ready to give for the hope that is within us. I take that command very serious, but I have come up short of answers more often than I'd like to share. I think early in my Christian walk, I was fired up to witness to anyone and everyone. Over the years, I've been up and down in terms of witnessing. It just so happens we are having revival meetings at our church next week, and this business of witnessing has really been laid on my heart. The sermon this past Sunday was to "be prepared" and focused on that same verse, 1 Peter 3:15.

Well, around Christmastime, I got this idea to make up "homemade" Bible tracts with the plan of salvation. Sure there are ones you can order or buy from Christian book stores, but I don't have much extra money sitting around, and I thought it would be neat to personalize some and make my own!

I just did this morning. Nothing real fancy yet, but I plan to get more creative as time allows. It's about the size of a 4" x 6" picture.
For now, this is what I came up with:
(It includes the following Bible verses: Romans 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-10, 10:13, and 8:1.)
I plan to add a personalized note, poem, or testimony on the back. I also plan to have my kids help me decorate them.

I know we've had folks come to our door who are trying to share their faith and ideas about truth with me. I always have told them I am a born-again, Bible-believing Christian and begin to share my faith with them. But I've thought afterwards that it would've been nice to give them a little something more to take with them and may have been more meaningful if they knew without a doubt how firm in my beliefs I was and had something all prepared to share with them! Well, now I do! I'm embarrassed it's taken me this long (this has come into my mind quite a few times), but the Lord is faithful in His reminders! :-)

Now, I have a little stash right in our entryway organizer by the door:

Do you keep Bible tracts in your purse or other items to share with others about your faith? I would love to hear your creative ideas of how to share the Gospel! :-)

I hope you all have a blessed week!!
Blessings, Katie

(CONGRATULATIONS to my bloggy friend, Carrie, on the birth of their new baby girl!!)


sarah said...

Thank You Katie!

I appreciate your zeal for God and desire to give the gospel!
Praise God!

We have a gospel tract that our home fellowship group put together.
If you would like, I can email that to you.

God Bless You!



I love your tracts. What a great thing to having sitting by your door. Yes, I ALWAYS keep tracts in my purse. I also put tracts in all the bills or anyother mail that I send. I have a little red pair of shoes pin that I wear on my lapel and when someone asks me about it, I then tell them about how I am trying to walk the way the Lord would want me to walk. He saved me and Now I want to walk in His ways. This always starts up a converstion about the Lord and gives me a chance to share my faith. I love telling other about the Lord and what He has done for me. How He changed my life completely when He saved me. Keep up the good work. I am sure there are some that will never hear the Good news if you do not tell them. connie

~Bren~ said...

Hey Katie, girl!! I always read your blog in my feeds, but wanted to pop over to your comments and wish you and your family a blessed Easter Holy Day!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. We do have tracts around, right now the ones we are using are the million dollar bill ones from Living Waters. The kids really like to have them available.
I am new to your blog, and I am really enjoying reading it. God Bless~Danene

Rhoto said...

HI Katie!!
Just stopping by to say "hello" ;)
Soft hugs,
Rhonda in Montreal

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to do the same thing for a while. I use store bought tracts, but I also wanted to make some homemade ones that included both a spanish and english message on one paper (I live in an area where there are plenty of both english and spanish speakers). I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but I decided to look up on the internet what other people are doing too. I found your blog first, and your tract is very similar to what I was thinking of doing. Anyway, I'm thankful I found this because your tract is helping me with ideas for mine. Thanks for sharing. I like your simple layout of the gospel.