Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teaching This Generation our Nation's Heritage

As we approach Independence Day, my mind is filled with a mixture of emotions and thoughts. The last few years' Independence Day celebrations, in particular, have left me with quite a burdened heart, and this year is no exception.

I'm afraid our nation is losing sight of its very own heritage, its very own meaning, and, ultimately, its very own freedom & liberty. My sentiments are unchanged from a couple of years ago and, in fact, my concerns have only grown exponentially deeper. In my lifetime, I've never felt so burdened to voice my concerns and to contact our representatives about the issues of our day. Even more importantly, I've never felt more eager to teach my children the importance, value, and cost of liberty. My heart is burdened to pray for the Lord to intervene and to move upon the hearts of our nation's people and leadership. This country was founded by God's grace and for His glory. My heart sincerely breaks with every deliberate act, petition, and order to remove God's Holy Name and influence from the pillars and corners of America. It seems at every turn, someone somewhere is trying to teach our nation's children there is no God, there is no gratitude due His Name, there is no biblical standard or authority, there is no consequence for sin, there is no eternal judgment. How much more will our nation have to endure before her people are moved to action and to prayer? It is my fervent prayer that America will regain her freedom and will desire to glorify her Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. God's people musn't be silent, and we must take every opportunity, with His help and wisdom, to pass on a godly legacy to the next generation. If we don't seize the day to point our children toward God, the world certainly will aim to pull them away from Him.

This week, our family is taking the time to learn about the founding of our nation. We're studying our founding fathers, the Second Continental Congress, the American Revolutionary War, the biblical principles that framed our Declaration and Constitution, the faith and courage required to rid the colonies of tyranny, and the sacrifice and blood that was shed to provide us the freedom we've known and been blessed with for centuries. I honestly believe our nation has grown and is growing generations of citizens who don't know and/or don't respect our nation's history and the sacrifices that created this country. So many of our government schoolbooks have attempted to literally rewrite the account of our history, giving absolutely no acknowledgement of our Heavenly Father's hand in it, and I think we all are witnessing the evidence of reaping what has been sewn. As long as the Lord grants me breath, I am adamantly of the opinion that it is my duty as an American citizen to teach my children the godly legacy they behold and to train them to stand up for what's right, to do their duty to protect and participate in America's freedoms, and to humbly seek God's wisdom and guidance to live daily in accordance with what is pleasing to Him. Just sing a few American "patriotic" songs, and no American citizen can deny the acknowledgement of gratitude offered to God ~ the true Founding Father of this nation and of us all ~ throughout the lyrics. I would encourage each parent stopping by here to print out the lyrics to just a few patriotic songs throughout the next week and share them with your children. The lyrics alone will declare the glory of God and give credit to His Name for the birth of our nation and as the Author of our liberty. Take a look at these lyrics:
Even though our family is carving out time in our schedule to study and truly appreciate our nation's history and God's providential care concerning it, my heart is genuinely unsettled with the current status of this great land. So many words and concerns are overwhelming my mind, but my heart is longing for quiet, comfort, and peace. I wanted to express some of my thoughts here, but I think I need to just stop right now and go to the One ~ the only One ~ who can truly bring any peace and solace ~ my Heavenly Father. I'm reminded that He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. To that end, I will continue in prayer for our nation and for the generations of tomorrow. I draw so much comfort knowing that He is in control, He is completely trustworthy and sovereign, and He will someday send His Son again to redeem His children. If I didn't have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal salvation through Him, this nation and world we are living in would indeed be a very scary and dark place. I'm thankful I've been adopted into His family by asking the Lord Jesus to save me. I'm thankful God's people are waking up to the reality we are living in and seeking His guidance and mercy. I'm mostly thankful this world is not the believer's final destination but instead someday all who have called upon His Holy Name will be in His Presence singing praises to His Name in a place His Son is preparing at this very moment. Praise be to the mighty Name of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist."   ~Colossians 1:16-17


Tracey said...

I love that you are taking the time to pass these principles and ideals on to your children!

I, too, have been more burdened for our country lately. The headlines often make me sad; how thankful I am that this world is not my final home!

May your children enjoy and take to heart the special lessons that you are teaching them!

Wendi said...

Well written Katie! It has been hard for me to put my feelings about things into words. I feel sad, frustrated and very judged for my beliefs.

Praying for our leaders and people of this great country!