Friday, August 9, 2013

Online Homeschool Recordkeeping Options

It's that time of year again ~ to begin a new recordkeeping system for the school year! I prefer keeping records on paper, but I also am looking into keeping records offsite (online) as well. This isn't mandatory or maybe even necessary, but the thought has crossed my mind over the past few years how frustrating and disappointing it would be if anything were to ever happen to the paper records we keep each year.

I've thought about just scanning in all of our paper records as .pdf files onto the computer and backing them up on CDs. I may do this still, but this would take quite a long time! I know I would be happy I did it, though, if I ever needed them in the future.

Apart from paper records and scanning paper records, I've learned of a few online recordkeeping services. Some are free, and some are for fee. All the ones I've looked into are completely different. Some are more user-friendly than others. The type of system we are looking for is something that will easily categorize and track hours.

Two free services I've looked deeper into so far are:
Homeschool Skedtrack

They both offer free web-based planners and walk you through different steps of entering in the information for your school. Homeschool Skedtrack has some very helpful video tutorials to watch before you begin using the system, and I like the reports of hours you can print out.

Have any of you tried any online tracking system for your homeschool records? Do you recommend either of the two above or a different one you've tried?  Please share!

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Tracey said...

I'll have to check those out! I have a paper "gradebook" where I keep track of their grades on quizzes, tests, etc. I also have an Excel spreadsheet where I enter grades, curriculum, field trip info, books we read, etc. I probably don't need to keep it in both formats, but I do like knowing that if something happens to one set of records, I'll still have a backup.

Have a great weekend, my friend!

Theresa said...

Hi Katie,

Just wanted you to know that I check back now and again for new posts. I hope you and your family are off to a good start on your school year.